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Impact Nine is a hectic arena game based around 9 different characters. In it, the player faces eight other AI-controlled enemies in a deathmatch for points.

Each character features a distinct playstyle to toy with, from teleportation attacks to aimed explosions. They are: VELN, TARK, SHOT, DASH, BOOM, NOVA, IRIS, KOSM and LUNA.



A speedy triangle capable of killing anyone that touches it.


A mighty, tanky square that can take two hits. Its attack is a short charge.


A capable and relatively fast shooter that unleashes volleys of bullets upon its enemies.


A quick dasher whose power is to teleport through the environment and kill anyone between the points of departure and arrival. Can also activate a shield.


A powerful hexagon that can create shorts bursts of explosion anywhere within its range. This power has no cooldown.


A devastating 5-pointed star that attacks with big, cross-shaped blasts. These powers, however, have a long cooldown, which can be cut down in half with good timing.


A deadly sniper that can increase its field of view at the cost of movement. Its attacks have almost infinite range.


A smart diamond that has 4 revolving squares spinning around it. Their range can be adjusted, and their speed can be increased momentarily.


A stealthy 4-pointed star that can phase between planes, killing anyone nearby when it gets back to the normal plane.


The game also has a Nemesis System, in which two random enemies become significantly more powerful at the start of the game. One of them becomes a rival to the player, sticking with its Nemesis status throughout the entire game. The other Nemesis loses its powers after death, and a new Nemesis is randomly chosen. With this, the game becomes more dynamic, as different rivals appear during the course of the match.


The game has 4 background songs to choose from (all from Kevin MacLeod), an option to turn the Nemesis System on and off, and a setting for the target score, enabling the player to choose their length of play.


Impact Nine v1.5.rar 52 MB
Impact Nine v1.5 Linux.rar 73 MB

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