Lightstreak is a “defense typing game”. In it, the player must fight against hordes of enemies creeping down the screen, typing words to activate lasers, missiles and other such powers.

The game has a neon-like aesthetic and features a soundtrack taken from or inspired by early-Internet era songs, such as All Your Base Are Belong to Us, Chocolate Rain and I Can Walk on Water I Can Fly.

-To activate "<" and ">", holding Shift is not necessary.
-The Shock Power also deactivates special abilities (like the Hacker's Letter Swap).
-The Alert System loses 1 slot for every hit the player takes. If the player takes a hit after all slots are destroyed, Game Over.
-If the player so wishes, they may skip any phase they want - there's no need to play them in order (although that is strongly recommended).


Release 1 (Win).zip 153 MB
Release 1 (Linux).zip 154 MB
Release 2 (Win).zip 151 MB

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